Terms and Conditions


    The term "Website" defines Tranzbase's website under its domain name tranzbase.com. The term "Company" defines Tranzap LTD registered in the United Kingdom with the following registration number: 12930768. The Company's trading names are Tranzbase and Tranzap Ltd The term "User" determines any individual or legal entity using the website, including the user's panel. The term "Terms and Conditions" determines the website's terms of use and other general terms. The term "User's Panel" outlines a panel with statistics, financial reports, transactions reports and other information.


    Purpose of the Agreement

    Purpose of this Agreement is to provide for concordant and mutually beneficial relationship between the Tranzbase and its website users, and define terms and conditions of such relationship, like general terms and conditions, financial and privacy issues, etc.

    The Services

    All payment processing services are provided by Tranzbase subject to these Terms and Conditions. The Company offers other services under different terms of service.Tranzbase's services are provided to individuals above 18 years of age or of such legal age specified in user's jurisdiction for concluding a legally binding contract.

    Communication with Tranzbase

    The services imply for certain communication between Tranzbase and users, such asannouncements, messages and newsletters. These communications are essential for using the services. We provide for privacy to our users and offer them the option to opt out from such types of communication. However, this may be an obstacle to provide services more effectively and timely.


    Rights of user

    1. The website user has the right to contact the website support service in order to ask the Tranzbase questions, claim something, or make recommendations for improvement of providingservices, or with any other information;
    2. The website user has the right to that all his or her sensitive personal data given to the Tranzbase be secured and not distributed to any third parties, unless such distribution is inevitable for providing services to this user;
    3. The website user has the right to review full and detailed information regarding transactions on a timely basis, as well as financial information and statistics from the user's panel;
    4. The website user has the right to get timely notifications on fraudulent or potentially unlawful activities of third parties on the website and to be prevented from such activities and their consequences.

    Obligations of user

    1. The website user shall perform these Terms and Conditions as well as all other rules and regulations provided by the Tranzbase, in fully and unconditionally;
    2. The website user acknowledges and agrees to that confidentiality of data transmitted via the Internet could not be provided since third parties may get an access to these data without any involvement or participation of the Tranzbase; therefore, the Tranzbase cannot be liable for any damages caused by such access;
    3. During registration on the website, the user is to provide verified and accurate information about himself or herself and his or her contacts to the Tranzbase;
    4. During registration on the website, the user receives his or her login and password for the security of that he or she bears the full and entire responsibility. The user is to change his or her password immediately if there are any reasons to suspect that his or her login, e-mail or password were used or could be used by others;
    5. During using the website, the user shall enter information that corresponds to reality and is in accordance with the applicable legislation. In other case the Tranzbase is entitled to block this user and his or her operations on the website;
    6. The website user is to follow the rules established by the Tranzbase to ensure functionality and safety of the website;
    7. The website user is to ensure an absence of any malicious software on his or her computer; in case of any losses due to this the entire responsibility lies on the user;
    8. The website user is not to breach safety and security rules as well as confidentiality of the Tranzbase;
    9. The website user is to report to the Tranzbase on any changes of his or her personal data;
    10. The website user is not to use the website in order to perform any illegal activity;
    11. The website user is to adhere to the Tranzbase policy. Violation of the policy provides forresponsibility for the losses of the Tranzbase, arisen as a result of this, on the user.

    Rights of the Company

    1. The Company is entitled to make any changes on the website, including changes in the Tranzbase policy, by itself or by means provided by third parties;
    2. The Company is entitled to ask the user to follow the rules of the website's operation, and meet all safety and security requirements regarding to the website;
    3. Tranzbase is entitled to take any actions based on Terms and Conditions for safety, security and functionality of the website;
    4. The Company is entitled to perform maintenance and support of the website;
    5. The Company is entitled to control the user's account if necessary;
    6. Tranzbase is entitled to block the user's account in case of his or her violation of the Tranzbase policy.
    7. Obligations of the Company
    8. Agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, the website user agrees to transfer his or her personal data and personal data of his or her clients to the Company, and is obliged to inform his or her clients thereof and receive their permission. The Company performs data processor's obligations. The Company is obliged to process personal data in order to provide its services within the framework of concluded agreements; record users' accounts, offer, provide and maintain its services; fulfill and protect its rights and legal interests; fulfill its obligations according to regulatory acts and applicable laws. Tranzbase is entitled to receive personal data from third parties, as well as to transfer it to third parties according to the procedures described in regulatory acts and applicable laws for providing its services or fulfilling legal obligations;
    9. The Company is to ensure safety, security and functionality of the website;
    10. The Company is to provide the user with full and reliable information on his or her account on the website;
    11. Tranzbase is to provide security of the user's personal data, report on any losses arisen, prevent any unauthorized third parties access to the website through the application of security systems technologies, implementation of the limited access mode and enforcement of confidentiality obligations by its employees.

    Responsibilities of the Tranzbase

    1. The Company under no circumstances shall bear the responsibility for any damages arisen due to the use of the website, impossibility of its use, or as a result of its use;
    2. The Company shall not bear the responsibility for any indirect damages or missed profits of the user or third parties;
    3. The Company shall not be responsible for the user's losses resulting from unlawful actions of third parties;
    4. Tranzbase shall not be responsible for the user's losses resulting from malicious programs in the equipment or malware, wrong filling in data in the documents;
    5. The Company shall not guarantee the full functionality of the website in case of force majeure circumstances and other unforeseen circumstances;
    6. Tranzbase shall not be responsible for external references placed on the website;
    7. The Company shall not be responsible for malfunctions, mistakes, and failures in the working processes of software or hardware facilities providing functioning of the website, caused by reasons beyond the control of the Company, as well as for the website user's losses caused due to these.

    Copyright and trademarks

    All rights are reserved. Unless otherwise stated or anything contrary contained or any proprietary material owned by a third party if expressly mentioned, Tranzbase owns all Intellectual Property Rights to and into the website content. Viewing, copying, printing and publishing and using in any other way any of the content is possible only in compliance with the following:

    - The website user cannot make any changes to the website content, including trademarks and copyright signs from the website;

    - The website user can only use the website for the purposes of receiving services provided by the Tranzbase;

    - The website user may view, copy, print, publish or use the website content otherwise only with the Tranzbase's written consent; no such use of the website content may be made without the Tranzbase's copyright notice;

    - The website user is prohibited to use any of the website content for illegal, unlawful, or other inappropriate purposes.

    All brand names, trademarks, logos, headlines, phrases, expressions, templates, etc. are considered as copyrighted material of the Tranzbase (or legally used by the Tranzbase in case of third party's intellectual property). This material can be marked with the according symbol (®, ™, other) that acknowledge Tranzbase's ownership. Any unauthorized downloading, publishing, copying, altering or other use of such material may lead to legal prosecution and subsequent legal liability.

    Restriction of Use

    In addition to all other Terms and Conditions for the website, the website user is:not to transfer or make otherwise Tranzbase's services to be provided to any third party; not to provide any services derived from the Tranzbase's services without its prior written permission.

    Applicable laws and dispute resolution

    Use of the website is governed by the laws of the United Kingdom. All disputes concerning this Terms and Conditions are to be settled by the courts of the United Kingdom.

    Legal address of the Tranzbase

    Legal address of the Tranzbase is: Davenport House, 16 Pepper Street, London, England, E14 9RP


    You may e-mail all your questions, comments and inquiries to our support team: support@tranzbase.com