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The NextGen company card 💳 is here!

Value is the prepaid business card from Tranzbase for companies. It is the ideal solution for easily making expense and advance payments to companies - securely, quickly, and easily.

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Everything Is Easier With The Tranzbase
The Prepaid Business Card is accepted in more than 44 million shops as well as for online payments. You can easily withdraw money from ATMs around the world.
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Available immediately

The card is instantly available to your employees in multiple currencies

Transfer money

Enjoy seamless and convenient global payments with swift and efficient execution

Easy to top up

Top up the Tranzbase card using the Tranzbase e-wallet, classical eComm rails, or via an IBAN transfer. The money will be accessible instantly

European IBAN account for payments in euro

Open a European IBAN account online to receive payments from international customers, counterparties, partners and marketplaces

Have Full Control
💵 Over Your Finances

Manage your business expenses on the user-friendly Tranzbase platform.

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Be Safe

Safe and 👍🏼 secure worldwide - always

The latest security technologies protect against misuse. The balance is fully secured and the card is quickly replaced worldwide if lost.

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cards In GBP & EUR

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Don't overpay for exchange fees. With our card, you can enjoy free GBP and EUR spending in the UK, USA, and EU.
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